This article is about memes only. For other secrets, see Easter Eggs.

Pepe the Frog

In the red house next to the recent updates board, there used to be a Pepe saying: "I am but a simple farmer tending to my memes" with a garden labeled "Memes", which also used to be an image of a Pepe with a plate of cookies, but has been removed.

On the computer screen of the Level 8 Data & Analysis, there is a picture of a Pepe.

In the river is a picture of a Pepe disguised as a pumpkin.

Secret Locations

The Meme Cave is hidden a building and contains berezaa’s avatar and a picture of Keemstar.

The Meme Dungeon is a secret location similar to the Staff Room. In the Meme Dungeon is a green baseplate with green mineable blocks known as Memerock. The blocks do not drop anything, nor do they save to your inventory. A SpawnLocation is visible, and a black neon brick will teleport you back to the mines. A version of All Star with the melody as the Roblox death sound plays as background music.


The Kappa ore is a reference to Kappa, a popular meme on the streaming platform Twitch.


On top of one of the red overhangs jutting out over the buildings, you will find a gorilla named "Harambe".

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