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The Emblem shop is the third section in the marketplace

Emblems are icons of ore that user can unlock upon trading in 100 of the corresponding ore in the marketplace menu (so its required that users have their Marketplace unlocked to obtain emblems). Once an emblem is unlocked, the player can equip one emblem at once and have it appear on top of their head but the player wouldn't be able to see it. Emblems are also seen as chat / shout prefix as it can be seen symbol of the user's accomplishments in Azure Mines. Currently there's an emblem for every ore except Garnet (as it's not found in the emblem menu, this may be due to Garnet not having an emblem) and the Dragonstone emblem cannot be obtained as users can mine but not obtain Dragonstone.

There shouldn't be a tier list as it's a matter of opinion and Berezaa had not said anything about ranking emblems. Instead, the emblems can be ranked by rarity of the ore - TheWikiaEditMachine.

Ore Icon Difficulty
Stone Stone Icon Insanely easy
Coal Coalicon Easy
Iron Itemiron Easy
Silver Silver-0 Easy
Copper Itemcopper Easy
Gold Itemgold Easy
Sapphire SapphireIcon Moderate
Ruby Itemruby Moderate
Emerald Itememerald Moderate
Diamond Itemdiamond  Moderate
Amethyst Itemamy  Moderate
Dragonglass Itemdragon Moderate
Painite Itempain Moderate
Very Rich Coin Moderate
Twitchite Icontwitch Medium (but only available when Berezaa is Twitch streaming)
Platinum Platinumicon Semi-hard
Topaz Itemtopaz Hard
Opal Itemopal Hard
Baryte Itembar Hard
Plutonium Itempluto Hard
Uranium Itemur Hard
Serendibite Itemserend Hard 
Azure AzureOreIcon Hard
Boomite BoomiteIcon Hard (Dragonglass pickaxe needed which is mined below 2000m)
Moonstone Itemmoon Hard (much easier to obtain when a player has access to a VIP server and is restarted everytime the user mines all the Moonstone)
Rainbonite Itemrain Really hard
Kappa Kappiteicon-0 Very Hard (unless the user has the Navigation Kit gamepass which allows them to see coordinates of their position in relation to Kappa's position (it never changes, read more on the page).
Illuminunium Item3 Very hard
Mithril Mithril Icon 2 Very hard
Ambrosia Itemambro-0 EXTREMELY HARD
Unobtainium Itemuo (not obtainable even upon owning enough Unobtainium)
Garnet none Not obtainable as its not available in the emblem shop. This may be related to the fact that Garnet is currently the only ore in Azure Mines without an icon.
Dragonstone (stone) (not obtainable)

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