Dragonglass is a common ore in Azure Mines. It is found below 2000m and is a fairly fast ore to mine, like most ores at this level. Dragonglass gives out 100 EXP when mined.

It can be used in making Glass Candles, which are extremely powerful torches. Torches require 3 Dragonglass each to create. Dragonglass is capable of being crafted into a pickaxe, which can mine Dragonstone and Boomite without it exploding.

Dragonglass Pickaxe Edit

The Dragonglass Pickaxe is a pickaxe added in the Explosive Update. It has an average delay of '0.2', the greatest range of all the pickaxes (9.5), and the same mining power as the Gold Pickaxe (4.2). It is required to mine Boomite and Dragonstone.

January Update Edit

With the January Update, Dragonglass ore and it's pickaxe changed. Before the update the ore was found between 2000m - 2200m and awarded 40,000 XP and the pickaxe was designed to mine Boomite and place it in your inventory. After the update it was found right below 1m and only awarded 100 XP making it's value SIGNIFICANTLY lower, and the pickaxe mines Dragonstone. The pickaxe can still mine Boomite. The purpose of these changes was so that newer players could do the Helen Quest. After the event, Dragonglass can only be found in 2000m - 2200m, but the XP given remains at 100 XP

Trivia Edit

  •  Dragonglass is also featured in Game of Thrones Warning: contains non- ROBLOX appropriate content (although Berezaa loves the show).
  • Dragonglass texture was made by heiser group, and originally titled 'Abyssum'.
  • Since an abyss is generally very deep, and a volcano generally shoots things out from very deep within the earth, these two factors could explain the name Abyssum and why it has an extreme depth.
  • Dragonglass Pickaxe is the only pickaxe that can mine Boomite.

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