Current bugs

Minor bugs

  • When you mine down into a cave, sometimes you can fall through it and go out of the map. This happens due to the way caves are loaded in as it sometimes takes a few seconds for all the blocks in the cave to load. On the current Azure Mines version, the way to get out of the map is to mine down, followed by digging a long tunnel. Then, climb the hill behind the teleporter array and look for a strip mine. Jump on to it and voila! You are out the map. Any block you dig becomes the middle of a 3x3 area, sometimes spawning a cave.
  • Sometimes, assets won't load properly in the loading screen. Most commonly, it causes you to be naked in the loading screen.
  • If you reset while in a animation that changes colors, the colors will still be there when you respawn. This can be fixed by resetting or start a color-changing animation.
  • If you have a teleporter pad, go below 5m and build a teleporter pad somewhere in the mines. Then teleport back to your base, click the "Crafting" or "Pickaxe" button, then click the "teleport to pad" button without closing the "Crafting" or "Pickaxe" window. You should then fly to a certan part of a cave.
    • If you do this with the out of bounds glitch, you will fly to the bottom of the dirt.

AFK Mining/Automining

AFK Mining is when you are holding down the mouse, mining a block and you press / or the chat so you keep on mining. Then you release holding the mouse. You press enter and see that it mines by itself.  (Also referred to as "automining".) This happens because the mining function runs on a looping script, and since you're tricking the game of holding the mouse button since the cursor is still on x ore, it will endlessly mine until the range is out of reach. It is still a good idea to "man" your computer, in case rare ores appear.

Building on other players

If you build an iron or copper block on a person, they glitch out of the map and fall down to their death (unless they teleport to surface). Used as troll and can be done to self. You need 1 block space to do this though. You can also do this while someone is mining down. This happens because the game doesn't count players as obstruction. You can use this glitch and some luck to fall and land on top a cave or mine wich can be used to get far down fast.

Limited depth

The current top depth you can go is 2166.8934m below surface. If you exceed this depth, you'll die. But you can still increase your optimal depth to more than 2200m by upgrading your Data & Analysis. Berezaa possibly wasn't expecting anyone to go past 2100 and kept the void at such a low level.

Lingering drunkness

In the new update, Dr. Berezaa was added. You die after drinking it. But the camera effects may still linger on. Check F9 to see you have been spammed with relative camera angles acting. You can always reset to fix this, but its still pretty annoying.

Moonstone Pickaxe XP

Whenever you use the Moonstone Pickaxe to mine, you are supposed to get +30% xp. But, with this bug cave ores, surface ores, possibly base and mountain ores don't work with this effect.

Lighting glitch


When teleporting up or down to the surface at Azure level your lighting will glitch and make everything look a lot lighter. You can use this to your advantage by placing down a teleport pad in a cave then teleporting up then down quickly to allow yourself to see in the cave with the glitched lighting.

*Edit* This has now been completely patched, as soon as you teleport to your teleport pad, the light instantly fades away.

Teleport Pad Bug

When you put down a teleport pad and another is already placed somewhere else, the game will override the pad and delete the previous one. However if you reset or dump ores into your chest the "deleted" pad will return to your inventory

Going Outside of Mine

When you mine after 30, make a tunnel and put a torch inside a block. After all mine behind the block and you will make a stair going to outside of mines. But if you mine something it would spawn new blocks and it could trap you inside back.

And there's a second tactic of that, in the mining area (0m) you can climb walls and fall down to outside of mines. Sometimes you fall down to void and die.

RobloxScreenShot04012017 082141388

Game breaking

Broken join animation

Sometimes the play button that appears when you start the game breaks, and the game breaks until you leave the server. This has many variants. Some witnessed are:

  • You join the game, but the spinning animations prevents you from moving. This is because the spinning animation is what prevents you from moving at the start of the game. Obviously if it doesn't end, you will be frozen.
  • The game gets stuck on the "loading player information" from the game looping the loading script.
  • The game loads an empty inventory, the Expert rank, and some Xbox LT controls. This is because the game loads extra test information to make sure your game is working, but it glitches if the player doesn't move the mouse after joining the game.

Loss of Game Data

Sometimes, when player is disconnected in the game after playing for a long time (like 3 hours) and then the player joins another server again, the game may load a previous version of a player's data. Then, if the player rejoins a lot, different old versions can load. This is because the game believes that you join a previous session. The base of it is because when you join you don't save. So the game gets severely confused and loads a different save to fill it in. This is basically a roulette to get your newest save back, as it will take a few tries.

Mine Reset Teleport Pad (Ore Farming)

When the mine is resetting it is possible to teleport to the teleport pad and keep mining. If you mine you will notice the blocks you mine are not being deleted. This is because when the mine resets, all current blocks that are under the ground during the reset are deleted. Since new blocks are spawned, they will not be deleted due to the game thinking they are new. This is considered game breaking as you can stay at heights where rare ores are extreme. And you can see ores disappearing while mine resetting. (not patched)

Broken Chat

If a player dies in the game (reset, going past 2166.7 depth, boomite), his or her chat will be broken, and he or she can no longer talk in-game. Currently, the only way to fix this is by leaving and rejoining the game. It is unknown why this bug happens. (Not patched as of October 2017)

Out Of Bounds

If you jump up the mountain wall behind the teleporter array you can jump outside the map and have a chance landing outside of the ores. (Don't do this after map reset because they'll be nothing to land on). Also if you teleport at depth 1,300 m to 1,700 m you will fly out of your base and be able to go to other bases. You will not be able to take others gold or exp.


If you place a torch on a stone that you cant normally get on to without mining it (e.g a stone in front of you), the torch will be placed there. Then mine through the top and head out to see you have gone out of bounds. This happens because torch placement is relevant to the block on top of it. This won't count with obstructed blocks and the torch is placed out of bounds.

Go pretty much anywhere

Repeat the glitch above with a hole dug in your base, then do not get bounced off the tree during the above glitch (not required to go on your base). Now, keep mining until you get to were you want. If you are not careful enough during the pickaxe part, you will get inside the cave and have to restart the glitch.

Lobby Out-of-bounds

In the lobby after you go through the Teleporter Array, you will notice a bridge across a river and 2 tunnels on either side of the river. The tunnel to the right of where you teleport is accessible, and you can get rubies and sapphires there at 0-2m. At the end of the tunnel, there is a hole. Go down the hole and you will be out-of-bounds, making it super easy to get rubies and sapphires and basically everything.

Easily Get to Other Bases

You must get outside the mines using one of the glitches above. Then, mine up by breaking the blocks you're standing on and jumping until you reach max height. After that, simply go to other bases. Much simpler than the above glitch.

Player glitched when game starts

This is a common mistake for me. if you start the game, you will look like you have no clothes,hats,face,etc.

Glitched Mine

The Glitched Mine is mostly used to get opal, however, Amethyst is also a bit more comon. To get into the Glitched Mine you must go to the corner or edge of the mine and mine approximately 15m down, then strip mine out of the middle of the mine, soon you will find a stone barrier. Mine 2m down now and then continue strip mining as soon as you feel you've passed the barrier start making some stairs so you can get up to 2m by now, you have gotten into the Glitched mine (My grammar is really bad so feel free to make it better)

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