Overview Edit

Azure is a blue variant to describe the clear sky. Although featured in the title of the game, Azure is merely semi-rare. Found between 1400m - 2000m.

Azure Pickaxe Edit

This Pickaxe is quite expensive to make as it requires 30 Azure, 90 Coal, and 5 Opal. Level 12 Mining Operations is required to craft this pickaxe. It has a range of 7, power of 4 and a delay of 0.13. It also emits a pink light. It can be useful for strip-mining as you do not have to pull out a lantern every few seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • After Azure Mines was created, Berezaa added the Azure Refiner upgrader to one of his other games, Miner's Haven.
  • The first time you mine Azure ore, you will receive the Treasure Hunter badge.

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